Apple Producers Rejoice! FL Studio Is Finally Compatible with Mac OS

FL Studio
Imagine-Line, the developers of the widely popular electronic music production software, FL Studio, have confirmed that the once PC-only software will now be released as a native application for Mac OS X. Although tech-savvy Mac producers have found a few ways to work around FL’s PC-only capability, an authentic Mac version of the next FL release, FL Studio 12, will make things a little easier for the masses when it becomes available some time in 2015.

Although Imagine-Line is still working out the kinks when it comes to adopting and translating FL’s PC software into a configuration for Mac, the developers expect success in the near future. Before this new development, their software was written in a way that was difficult to break away from Windows. A recent statement from Imagine-Line detailed the current development of the project: “…we never thought that was a good idea, and that’s why we never did it before. But, things have changed, so let’s call this progress.”

This progress currently includes switching over “operating system dependent calls” from Windows to Mac, which seems to be the most tedious and attention-consuming aspect of the change-over. The statement further revealed that “the plugin testing is progressing nicely, and so the team has turned their attention to FL Studio 12 itself. It’s a long and slow process and we can’t make any promises, since we may come across unexpected and or unsolvable technical problems.”

Even though Imagine-Line themselves did not think that making a Mac capable FL Studio was a “good idea”, many eager producers who are waiting for its forthcoming release will beg to differ. We hope the rest of the software development for the first ever Mac capable FL Studio program continues on its promising onward progression, as we know that many, many producers will be happy to get their hands on FL Studio 12 for Mac in 2015.