BT Unleashes His True Feelings On ‘EDM’ Culture via Poignant Twitter Rant

After playing a Ministry Of Sound Anjunabeats party in London with fellow DJ’s Andrew Bayer, Jerome Isma-Ae and ilan Bluestone, electronic music mainstay BT felt compelled to launch upon an epic spiel on his current thoughts of the explosion of EDM throughout worldwide markets. BT took the opportunity to comment on American culture on a macro sense as a whole, and the resulting is quite thought-provoking. Instead of attempting to paraphrase, read in full below. Among the quote highlights include:

“Last night was incredible, effortless, stunning even. It was so relaxing playing for an audience that loves and understands good dance music” [obviously a jab at the uneducated mainstream American market], “The name “EDM” has unfortunately become instead of a movement, an actual sound & a terrible one at that. It leads the ADD/drop culture in US,” “As with many other things (and hard not to digress into politics and culture) America is no longer a leader at much of anything. We follow…”

Read on below to get Brian’s entire perspective: