Dada Life- Freaks Have More Fun (Bixel Boys Remix)

Dada Life- Freaks Have More Fun (Bixel Boys Remix)[PREVIEW]
Is it true? Do freaks actually have more fun? Well, the Bixel Boys are here with their answer. In the newest remix of Dada Life‘s ‘Freaks Have More Fun‘, the boys have struck a flawless balance between the original’s pleasing melodic progressions and a fresh rhythmic element that form a beautiful interlude. As the track ascends, eventually reaching its apex, listeners brains immediately go to mush, as the laser-filled deep-house drop makes its grand entrance. Actually though, after a drop of that magnitude you’ll be looking something like THIS. So waste not a second more, and check out the Bixel Boys’ rendition of ‘Freaks Have More Fun’ below! If it tickles your fancy, stay tuned for the full track drop on January 5th on Beatport!