Zedd Flips His Magic! Music Video into an Absolut Vodka Commercial

You know those awesome and hilarious Bud Light commercials that are aired on Sunday football? Before you know it, you’ve grabbed a couple of Bud Light brews for you and your friends at the end of the 30 second TV spot. People who watch these commercials expect to see a product promoted in an entertaining way. We expect this kind of promotional advertising on television. Although music videos and films also utilize product placement, the products subtly (or not so subtly) promoted are not supposed to be the main focus. Sometimes, this product placement can be effective. However, when there is an obvious attempt made to promote a product in a film or music video, it causes a mental interruption that can turn the viewer off. Unfortunately, that is the case here in Zedd’s music video with his remix of ‘Rude’ by Magic!.

From the pouring of Absolut vodka to the drinking of Absolut vodka to the Absolut vodka bottle-structured skyline, it’s a bit much. The marketing team behind the music video is campaigning it as #AbsolutNights. We’d like call it #AbsolutelyObnoxious. What happened to art being art? Why does there have to be promoting of a product? Business is business, we get that. Congratulations for making a nice hunk of change off of this video. That being said, was it worth it? Zedd’s remix of ‘Rude’ by Magic! is an absolut gem, pardon the pun. But pushing the Absolut brand as far as Zedd’s team did in this video may not have been the best decision. Keep in mind what the fans want and put them as the top priority. After all, they are the ones who have made Zedd the dance music sensation he is today.