[Video] Kygo, Big Gigantic & Friends Hold Private Session on Mad Decent Boat Party

Social media can be a double-edged sword. In the electronic music community, it serves as the channel for petulant DJ banter about terrible fans and the degradation of music, but it also serves as a critical platform for upcoming producers to share their music and collaborate with fellow artists. One Instagram gem that’s been floating around is a peak into an epic jam session with Kygo and Big Gigantic. With tropical house king Kygo twiddling on the piano and jazz duo Dominic and Jeremy killing it on their respective instruments, this seemingly nonchalant jam session is brimming with talent and tease.

Whether this is the start to the brilliant new genre of tropical jazz house, or just a preview for a brilliant collaborated track, there’s one thing we can be sure of – the marriage of these three producers is going to be nearly flawless.

late night jammin w the homie @kygomusic #kygo x @dominiclalli!

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H/T Dancing Astronaut