Ex-Krewella’s Rain Man Re-Emerges With New Side Project & Remix

While the lawyers discuss the messy divorce of Krewella, their former producer Rain Man is hitting the studio with a new side project called Hunter Square. The duo, which combines Rain Man with Mat Devine of Kill Hannah, made a splash with a brand new tune, a remix of “Falling In Love Will Kill You” by Devine’s solo project Wrongchilde. Featuring the vocal stylings of Gerard Way, “Falling In Love Will Kill You” is a dance-pop song laden with soft, rhythmic synthesizers that create a club atmosphere of vibrant color. The tune is completely alien to what Trindl created with Krewella and showcases the potential range of the new duo.

Thump claims that this is just the first of many remixes for the group, with more to come in the near future, as well as originals with featured vocals. Only time will tell how well this relationship will work.

Wrongchilde Feat. Gerard Way – Falling In Love Will Kill You (Hunter Square Remix) | Download