Never Forget Your Festival Schedule Again! Temporary Tattoos of Festival Schedules Now Exist

Temp Tatt
Imagine you’re wandering the grounds of a music festival. You came prepared with an extensive schedule of all your favorite acts you plan to see on a piece of paper you stashed in your pocket. The set you’re attending is about to conclude so you reach for that precious schedule…but its gone. How will you remember who you wanted to see most and where? A new product has emerged to finally put an end to this almighty and oh so frequent problem.

Graphic designer Sarah Lawrence has come to the rescue with her development of temporary tattoos that allow you to print all of your significant festival information right on your skin. Her tattoos work the same way as typical temps, simply cut out your schedule, and hold a wet washcloth on your area of choice for 30 seconds and your schedule will stay with you for the entire day. Lawrence is currently working on getting official prints of next year’s major festivals for distribution. What an innovative idea by Ms. Lawrence; we cannot wait to see these put into action in the coming months!

Via Elite Daily | Photo Credit: Sarah Lawrence