Skrillex Demands a Whopping $5 Million To Share Stage with Paris Hilton

TMZ recently caught Skrillex in the airport, and asked him a question only TMZ would even want to know the answer to. If deadmau5 would play alongside Paris for $2 million, what would Skrillex do it for? After Sonny pondered the  fairly stupid question for a moment, he came up with a price tag of $5 million. However, never one to not qualify his answer, he followed up the number by stating that the money would go ‘to all the sick people and starving children all of over the world’.

Never one to take such frivolous questions seriously, Sonny provides an answer that deflects the silliness of the question with a serious conviction. Check out the video below for a quick 30 second candid moment with Skrillex, but don’t treat it as anything more than that. This isn’t news, and this show is never going to happen; it’s just slow on Sunday.