Calvin Harris Cancels MTV Awards Performance due to Heart Issue
It seems as though an undisclosed heart issue (according to a now deleted Tweet) has forced superstar Calvin Harris to cancel his performance at MTV’s European Music Awards, which occurs tonight. No news has been reported on the severity or type of issues Mr. Harris is suffering from, however, it goes without saying, we hope it is nothing serious.

Calvin has not been in the news very often -if at all- regarding anything health related, so it would stand to reason the esteemed producer’s illness is not life threatening. Furthermore, with the very recent release of yet another extremely successful dance-pop album, Motion, Harris’ life is undoubtedly stressful. And with the intense studio sessions that a full artist album requires, on top of his strenuous touring and residency duties, this could very well just be a case of overwork.

We will report any additional news surrounding this less-than-ideal situation and MTV performance as it comes in.

Via: Billboard