New Look Krewella ‘Speak Out’ With Premiere of ‘Say Goodbye’

New Look Krewella 'Speak Out' With Premiere of New Track 'Say Goodbye'
About a week ago, the remaining members of Krewella, Jahan and Yasmine, took fans for a wild ride; between their redesigned logo, and a controversial new profile picture (all black with a very faint ‘Say Goodbye’ inscribed). To make the situation even more mysterious, the sisters stated that they would be ‘speaking out’ on Sunday, leading fans to believe they would be hearing from Jahan and Yaz live over Twitch TV, possibly to set the record straight amidst continued controversy over former member Kris Trindl.

With thousands of eager fans signed onto Twitch TV Sunday evening, many were disappointed to find out that Krewella’s ‘speaking out’ was actually a ploy to premiere their newest record ‘Say Goodbye‘ (which explains the profile picture). Although there was an air of confusion amongst fans, questioning whether this was the extent of Krewella’s announcement, there was no ignoring the fact that the Krewe has reinvented themselves and their sound. Donning a Paramore/Evanescence-esque character, ‘Say Goodbye’ clearly displays Krewella’s transition to a new sound, whether or not that new sound is drum and bass still remains to be seen.  It is also worth mentioning that the lyrics to ‘Say Goodbye’ are incredibly sharp and emotionally charged, most likely pointed at Kris Trindl. Take a listen to Krewella’s newest track, ‘Say Goodbye’ below and grab a free download HERE!