Kaskade’s Redux Returns to NYC for New Years Week

Really, what else is there to say? Kaskade has spoken about his concerns with Redux getting too big, but in a stunning piece on his tumblr, he broke probably the best possible news for New Yorkers wondering what the heck BIG WEEK NYC is. This cluster of shows between Christmas & New Years is shaping up quite nicely, with Carnage/DVBBS & Armin shows accompanying this. If you’re not sure what Redux is, check out our coverage during MMW and re-experience his full live set in SF here. In short, Kaskade explains:

The idea was to strip things back down and nod to the way it was. Closed eyes meant you were doing it right. The only sensory assault was sound, with restraint everywhere else. Music would be the experience.

Kaskade discusses his fears and concerns about having a deep, Redux style set on a festival stage. He’s totally right that if this is going to succeed anywhere, it will be NYC.  However, if this show is the jaw-dropping success we all know it’s going to be, who knows? Maybe we’ll see a little more deep & melodic at festivals next summer. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 21st… if you want to be a part of something special, be sure to grab yourself a pair of tickets as soon as they’re available.