Join Avicii To Fight AIDS & Win An Adventure Of A Lifetime

avicii vegas

Experiencing music events in New York, Ibiza and Las Vegas sounds incredible, right?  All three cities are a trifecta of the best in electronic music. Now, imagine experiencing it all through the perspective of one of the world’s biggest DJs: living the VIP lifestyle, flying first class, staying in four star hotels at every stop and being on stage.  Avicii is offering the ultimate year in music as the grand prize in Coca-Cola’s contest to benefit (RED), the charitable organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise money to fight AIDS.  On Omaze, Avicii describes the grand prize:

I’m flying you and a friend to three of the world’s top music events to live the ultimate year in music with me. We’re sending you to NY for a showcase of the world’s best DJ’s coming together in one of the greatest party cities in the world. Then, it’s off to Ibiza for the next global force in music. Just make sure you take time to recover because for the last stop on the tour, we’re going to Vegas. And before we part ways, I’m bringing you and your friend on stage with me during the final show to make sure we cap off our music year in style.

Entries are priced from $10 to $25,000, with 10 entries to the dollar.  Each price level includes perks, from a Coca-Cola (RED) Social Media Badge for $10 to VIP access to one of Avicii’s Las Vegas shows for a cool $25K.  The contest closes in 32 days and rewards will ship out 4-12 weeks after the contest closes.  Check out the prizes available and enter to win here!