Fight Against Talentless DJs with “Ghosts ‘n DJs” Video Game

Fight Against Talentless DJs with

Have you ever thought to yourself that the EDM scene is saturated by fake artists that became stars only because of their money and have come to take over the world to punish our ears to death? Dr. Kucho! Games has, and they turn this very thought into the premise of their new Ghosts’n Goblins inspired side scroller video game, Ghosts ‘n DJs. This 2D retro style video game gives you the chance to fight against the evil invasion of cake throwing, stage hogging, knob twisting DJ impostors that dominate today’s music scene.

The makers of Ghosts ‘n DJs launched their hilarious video game idea through Kickstarter in hopes of gaining enough funding to turn Ghosts ‘n DJs into a legitimate video game for PS3, PS4, Xbox360, and the computer. The premise of the game is simple: players take on the role of DJ Dr. Kucho! as he fights against fake DJs. Dr Kucho! uses weapons such as vinyls, CDRom, pen drives and tapes as well as a Deadmau5 head that is armed with deadly nyan cats to fight against the evil DJs Devil Gueta, Steve Sushi, Paris Sheraton, Pauly Douchebag and PitBullshit. Each evil DJ is endowed with clever, yet fitting fighting powers. Devil Gueta fights against Dr. Kucho! by using the powers of raising his hands in the air, while Steve Sushi flies, throws cakes and uses Asian kitchen hardware to attack. Paris Sheraton flies on her broom, sends evil kisses and has the ability to make others attack you for her. When he’s not too busy taking care of his hair, Pauly Douchebag uses his muscles to pulverize players, while PitBullshit uses the sheer terror of his voice and “sophisticated” lyrics to cause players to run away. Ghosts ‘n DJs also has 4 levels of difficulty: Bedroom DJ, DJ that plays at Miami or Ibiza for free, DJ that doesn’t need to do P.R. for living and DJ that actually makes music A.K.A. producer.

Overall, Ghosts ‘n DJs is quite the humorous and entertaining video game idea that empathizes with many people’s opinions of today’s EDM stars. With less than $9000 raised and only 12 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Ghosts ‘n DJs must reach their funding goal of $45,000. If Ghosts ‘n DJs seems like a battle you’d be willing to fight, take Deadmau5’s lead and help back their Kickstarter project.