Dirty South Remixes ‘Freefallin’ & Announces “With You” Competition

Freefallin' Dirty South Remix

Dirty South is officially back into the swing of things, recently releasing his sophomore album “With You,” and a short film to accompany it. Those of you who have heard the new album know that the Serbian producer strays away from his typical progressive sound, or any “dance music” sound for that matter, opting out for a more chilled-out electronica sound instead. Recently, however, Dirty South remixed the album’s “Freefallin‘,” returning to his progressives roots to make the track ready for the dancefloor. The remix is still dreamy like the original, it just has a little dance push to it. As Gita Lake’s airy vocals glide through the track, the progressive guitar rifts build into an emotional melody that bursts through in classic Dirty South fashion. For those fans who worried that Dragan had left dance music for good, this remix is for you so take a listen below and buy your copy on Beatport here.

The fun doesn’t end just yet however, as Dirty South has recently announced his new #WatchesWithYou competition. The lucky fan who wins the competition will be given the opportunity of having Dirty South come over their house to watch his film “With You,” with you. Not only will the winner get a private screening of the film with the producer, but he or she will also be lucky enough to have Dirty South DJ a private house party. Entering the competition is simple, all you need to do is go to dirtysouthwatcheswithyou.com and submit a short response answering why you deserve to win! From there, the response with the most votes wins the competition. Check out the trailer below for more information, and a good laugh too.