deadmau5 Will Play A Set Alongside Paris Hilton For $2 Million

Let’s flash back to a little over a week ago when deadmau5 wrote a lengthy blog post regarding none other than Paris Hilton. To sum it up, he feels that she is a go-kart racer in a world of IndyCar drivers and that her attempt at a career in DJing is just plain insulting. In a sudden turn of events however, it seems like the 5-time Grammy nominee is ready to bury the hatchet… for a price. Those pesky reporters at TMZ tracked deadmau5 down and asked him if he “would ever do a set” with the hotel heiress.

After asking if by “set,” the reporter meant “death-match”, he states that he would perform with Hilton for 2 million dollars. This would really show Hilton who’s boss, as she mentioned that she sometimes earns 1 million dollars per show during an interview with the New York Post. Not only would we love to see deadmau5 double up her earnings, but watching him play a set with Hilton would be priceless. This hilarious performance will have to wait though, as he took to Twitter to clear things up for those who took the joke too seriously.