deadmau5 Responds to Paris Hilton’s Lucrative DJ Career

Yesterday, the New York Post published a piece that discusses Paris Hilton‘s new-found fame in the music industry and her current status “as one of the top DJs in the world”. While her skills on the decks may not be too impressive, the numbers don’t lie and the hotel heiress is bringing in some serious cash. Hilton raked in $2.7 million over four nights in Ibiza and is now claiming that she sometimes earns 1 million dollars per gig. The Las Vegas Sun reported that deadmau5 earned $425,000, Calvin Harris earned $300,000 and Tiesto earned $250,000 per night during their 2012 residencies at Hakkasan in Las Vegas. That means Hilton is currently making more per show than the 3 superstars were during that time period… COMBINED. Today, one of those artists voiced his displeasure and to nobody’s surprise, it’s deadmau5.

Over the last week or so, deadmau5’s Tumblr account has been quite active. After taking a stab at his hometown of Niagara Falls’ aquatic-animal theme park MarineLand for their lack of adequate animal care and attempting to help out a fellow DJ who was attacked, the Canadian producer is now turning his attention to a less serious matter: Paris Hilton’s career as a DJ and his own career as a professional race car driver. In the post, deadmau5 states that just like how there is nothing wrong with himself being an avid racing fan, there is nothing wrong with Hilton’s love for dance music. That being said, he would never charge people to watch him race around a track, as that would be insulting to the professionals. deadmau5’s advice to her is that she should leave the DJing to the F1 and IndyCar drivers and return to her go-kart because she is nothing more than just ticket sales.

Kudos to deadmau5 for saying what we have all be thinking and doing it eloquently. This is an extremely well-written post and the metaphor that he chose to use could not have explained the situation better. Give the full piece a read below and if you’re still looking to join the blog game, we have a spot open for you here, Joel.

go karts

So Paris makes a billion dollars playing a CD at a club. thats great.  how is this news again?  Personally, i would pay about as much to see her “perform” as Indy fans would pay to watch me struggle to get out of first gear and 20 feet off the starting grid  in an Indy500 race without ending up in a wreck.

To put it in persepective…  Im a noob indy / f1 / racing fan.  I love the sport, the community, events, and the tech…  shit, i just got into it like last year. better late than never. To me, its just a fun thing i can enjoy outside of my professional career to kick back and get interested in.

I guess Paris did the same thing… look, as much as shes probably loathed by the EDM world… and me, you can’t possibly hold it against her for involvement in the electronic music scene.

I remember back when, at the cosmo in vegas, she attended, and i guess i was accommodating (as far as that usually goes for me) i could see she was having a fun time, liked the music, and just wanted to be a part of it all… so of course, why not… even i couldn’t hate on that.

But, let’s get real here for a second… There’s being invovled / enthusiastic about something… and then theres just being a straight up ass.

like i said…. theres no way in hell one day im going to just randomly show up to a racing event, proclaiming my “super awesome driving talent” and get in the race just because i’ve been lucky enough in life. because i know a few things….

Being an F1 driver… usually starts around the age of 6-10 … you spend years driving go-karts… loads of karting. then when youre 17-18 whatever… they upgrade you for F3, basicly… your gokarts get bigger and faster… look, thats not the the only path im sure, im just saying… most “actual” drivers i know, have invested their ENTIRE lives to their careers. Just like many musicians have.  So i have to respect that…because i can hold that close, i’ve done it in my own field.

So, dont you think it would be a tad insulting to the professionals and fans of the driving world if i just showed up one day… dated a driver, then hopped on the circuit the following week “just coz i can” ?  god… even i know my fuckin limits… shit.  

so maybe youll catch me performing in the snake pit, atrtending a professional track event, or even having some friendly fun with some legit drivers in a non competitive track setting…  but i 10000% never in a million years wouldnt have the balls to encroach on their scene, and consider myself a professional..  enter their marketplace, and profit.

thats just insulting as fuck.

so paris, thank you… were actually not even mad youre enthusiatic about electronic music… we love that youre a part of our party. But please, get the fuck back in your go kart. No need to prove that you found someone stupid enough to consider paying you a million dollars for something the world knows you arent… because here’s  what you actually are to everyone who knows better.. ticket sales. nothing more.