[Video] European Comedians Glorify Button-Pushing DJs With Hilarious Troll

European Comedians Glorify Button-Pushing DJs
Norway is home to several DJs, including Kygo and Cashmere Cat, but it is also home to Kollektivet, a comedy duo who brilliantly trolled the DJ culture in a matter of four minutes. There have been countless skeptics who have made their disappointment known regarding DJ sets as it looks like the headliner is twisting so many knobs and pressing so many buttons, but nothing results from these actions. This “button-pushing” speculation has led to rumors such as DJs simply pre-recording their sets and pretending to perform live in front of the crowd. Although we do not know what level of that rumor is true or how many DJs it is applicable to, these Norwegian comedians exploit that button-pushing suspicion in hysterical fashion.

Via Dancing Astronaut