Above & Beyond Fan Pukes During ‘Push the Button’ on Halloween

AAbove & Beyond Fan Pukes During 'Push the Button' on Halloween
If you’ve ever been to an Above & Beyond show, you’re familiar with their magical power to gurgle up mysterious feelings at the pit of your stomach: the urge to get down on one knee and propose to your loved one, the flood of unrequited passion to scream the lyrics of Sun & Moon while dripping in tears, and maybe, just maybe, the insuppressible need to hurl the entire contents of your chicken pot pie dinner onto the trio’s stage equipment.

A lucky Batman-dressed fan got asked to ‘Push the Button’ – the part of every show where a fan is handpicked from the crowd and asked to join Above & Beyond in the DJ booth – at a show in Denver, Colorado on Halloween night, and instead of the typical jumping up and down in ecstasy, she took it another level by projectile vomiting all over Above & Beyond’s equipment. #PuketheButton indeed.
Above & Beyond Fan Pukes During 'Push the Button' on Halloween