TomorrowWorld 2015 Announces September Dates

People of Tomorrow, start planning.  TomorrowWorld, the American embodiment of Belgian institution Tomorrowland, has announced its 2015 dates. As it returns for a third year to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, the three-day camping festival will run September 25th, 26th and 27th, 2015.  TomorrowWorld 2015 will undoubtedly build on the successes of the festival’s first two years as the ID&T and SFX production has proven itself as a world-class event unmarred by controversy.  Last month, 160,000 people  headed to the rural outskirts of Atlanta for the festival’s second year and enjoyed over three days of music on the 500-acre property in Chattahoochee Hills that TomorrowWorld calls home.  The gorgeous Georgia countryside coupled with the festival experience crafted by veterans ID&T and SFX make TomorrowWorld a unique, unbeatable experience for American festivalgoers.  Stay tuned for updates on when TomorrowWorld 2015 tickets will go on sale as well as the TomorrowWorld 2014 aftermovie.