Showtek – Wasting Our Lives (WLTP) ft. Tryna (Official Music Video)

If you told us that you attended a festival this summer and didn’t hear Showtek’s ‘We Like To Party‘, we wouldn’t believe you. The smash charted in three different countries, hit the Beatport #1 spot and has almost reached the 30 million view plateau on YouTube. Now, its received the vocal treatment thanks to Tryna and has an official music video to accompany it. This brand new version may have a new title, ‘Wasting Our Lives‘, but it still goes just as hard as the original and is almost as hot as the sex scene that takes place. Unfortunately, the couple’s names are Barbie and Ken and unless you have a thing for dolls, this video is pretty safe for work and safe enough for the little girl that is controlling them. ‘Wasting Our Lives’ is going to be released this November through Polydor Records and you can pre-order your copy right here.