Pioneer Introduces Kuvo: Real-Time Set Publishing Software

Despite the introduction of a brand new DJ controller, Pioneer is selling its DJ audio business off to KKR. This doesn’t mean they’re entirely out of the game yet though. Pioneer has revealed Kuvo, an app/software combo designed to publish real-time set lists from anywhere in the world. By linking a hardware box to the Internet and CDJs, meta-data about the set is sent to the Kuvo cloud. The app then streams what tracks the DJ is mixing, song by song, as well as listing which DJs are playing where. It includes an interactive map to show users which clubs are nearby. From the stream, each song is available for purchase via iTunes or Juno. Forget Shazam. Kuvo essentially does all the work for you.

The project has been endorsed by DJs and producers including Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler. Kuvo is expected to boost awareness for new talent and independent labels while connecting fans more directly with their favorite artists. The software is certainly an interesting innovation, bringing more accountability to how a set is executed. For more information on Kuvo take a look at the launch video below.

Source: Mixmag