Morgan Page feat. Carnage & Candice Pillay – We Receive You

Morgan Page Carnage
In this day and age with communication being one click away and artists being more connected than ever, we have been seeing more and more unique collaborations that we would’ve never predicted. The newly released ‘We Receive You,’ by Morgan Page and Carnage mashes two different production styles to create a fusion of sounds that will definitely please any set of ears.

Page has quietly been a consistent figure in the dance music scene since the early 2000’s, releasing five studio albums and earning several Grammy nominations along the way with his progressive productions. On the other hand, Carnage bursted on the scene only two years ago… pioneering the ‘Festival Trap’ movement. The two styles that made these men famous are not overly prominent in ‘We Receive You’; Carnage’s desire to diversify himself from Festival Trap combined with Page’s vast experience in production allow this duo to create a tune that we did not anticipate. Candice Pillay provides the vocals to create a trifecta of organized chaos, beginning with the soft vocal build culminating in a heavy electro drop. Check out the new release below, which provides a refreshing take on some recent cookie-cutter collaborations.

Morgan Page feat. Carnage & Candice Pillay – We Receive You | Beatport