Microsoft Introduces ‘The Cube’ In Hopes of Revolutionizing the Way We Dance and Interact


Microsoft revealed a new project at Seattle’s Decibel Festival that has the potential the revolutionize the way we move and interact on the dance floor. They have appropriately named it ‘The Cube,’ as it’s literally a 4-sided box with visuals and interactive motion sensors on each side. One of the cube’s many highlights is it’s Xbox Kinect technology compatibility, making it able to detect your moving body and display your image inside the virtual space. Microsoft Senior Director, Michael Megalli, stated that “[they] wanted to create something that was going to be at the intersection of art and technology.”

The Cube’s stunning visuals and theater-in-the-round concept opens up the doors to a million different possibilities. DJ’s could really get creative here, possibly developing a show using a larger scale cube and spin from the center of the crowd, much like a Sensation concert. Beyond large scale shows, clubs and even fraternities (or anyone who wants to throw a party) could easily find a way to incorporate this toy into their space. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this project to see what Microsoft plans to do next with this big idea.