Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Prince Fox Remix)

New York-based up-and-comer Sam Lassner is quickly making a name for himself as Prince Fox. The NYU senior specializes in his own unique brand of future inspired beats. Citing the likes of Flume and Mr. Carmack as influences, Prince Fox released groundbreaking remixes of “Stay With Me” and “Sleepless,” both of which could hold their own in a market saturated with future-house releases. What sets Prince Fox apart, however, is a certain sound he calls “future pop.” “You’ve Got the Love” shows off this sound expertly, with a huge orchestral build up, melodic vocals, and an explosive drop. While it’s surprising to see a remix of a relatively old song, when it’s as polished as this release… a bit of nostalgia is more than welcome. Of course, this track has been remixed to death but Prince Fox’s take on the Florence & The Machine hit excels due to the ethereal feel of the original, allowing Florence Welch’s vocals to soar and build into a surprisingly heavy drop. Be sure to check out the track, streaming now on SoundCloud, and look forward to some original production that Prince Fox has promised to be coming soon.