LooKas Joins Soundcloud’s Banned List Due To Another Case of Copyright Issues

Kayzo x LooKas - This Is Halloween [Free Download]

With October 31st fast approaching, it’s time to solidify your Halloween plans, put a costume together and get ready for a spook-tacular night. In order to ensure the best evening possible, you and your crew will need some solid tunes to rock out to. Lucky for you, LooKas and Kayzo have just provided us with their remix of This Is Halloween and it will leave you with the good kind of goosebumps all over your arms. Marilyn Manson, Panic! at the Disco and many other artists have put their own spin on the song from the classic Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it’s safe to say that this trapstyle take on the track is up there with the best of them.

Speaking of nightmares, LooKas is currently in the middle of one, as his SoundCloud account was just taken down due to copyright issues from some of his older bootlegs. We hope that this situation will get sorted out in the near future so that we can get back to listening to the Miami native’s sweet trap productions. In the meantime, you can download his collaboration with Kayzo, which just so happens to be as free as candy on Halloween.

Kayzo x LooKas – This Is Halloween | Download