Drake – Find Your Love (Tim Gunter Remix)

Austin Texas’ very own Red Bull Thre3 Style Champ DJ, Tim Gunter, is making waves in the hip-hop remix game. The young producer dropped a nasty Snoop Dogg remix a couple months ago, and we’ve been bumpin’ to it ever since; now he’s back with a Drake remix.

Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’ has been stripped of it’s sultry nightclub gear and now dawns bright tropical linens with a brightened outlook. Gunter’s taken interest in the growing tropical house sound that has found its way into the dance scene via producers like Kygo and WKND; he’s fused hip-hop with this tropical sound, experimented live with a xylophone and recorded it as the base of the melody, all while keeping the original drums (though rearranged). The lead in the drop is especially creative. It’s simply Drake’s vocals pitch-bent and chopped, to further the whole lightened n’ brightened vibe of the track. Check out this wonderful rendition of a Drake classic below, and if ya really dig it, be sure to let Tim know on Twitter or Facebook!