To the Dismay of Knife Party Fans ‘Abandon Ship’ Release Date Delayed

To the dismay of fans everywhere, the release date of the highly anticipated Knife Party album, ‘Abandon Ship‘ has been pushed back. Certainly not the ideal news to receive starting off the week. The former members of the Australian drum and bass group, Pendulum, took to Twitter to relay this unfortunate news, officially delaying the album release from its original October date to November 10th. Attempting to offer solace to grieving fans, Rob and Gareth have promised a stream of the album a week prior to the official release. After fans were irked by a month-long delay of Knife Party’s ‘Rage Valley EP’, due to missed deadlines and label issues (sounds oddly familiar, eh?), and again for their ‘Haunted House EP’, we can only hope this is a short-lived trend. Read the full apology and explanation from Knife Party below.