Destroid Jammed So Hard It “Shook the Walls” of Reasonably Distant Neighbors

Destroid Jammed So Hard It
The state of Florida is not known for its vulnerability to earthquakes, but this past weekend there were definitely signs of seismic activity in the Orlando area. With the Safe in Sound Festival tour rolling into town, boasting some of the biggest names in bass music, there was no doubt that noise complaints were going to pour in, but no one expected them from a MILE away. During Destroid‘s rowdy set, people who lived as far as a mile away called in sound complaints to 911, claiming that the sound was “so loud it’s literally shaking the walls. . .and rattling their windows.” Another resident affected by the shockwave of noise stated “I’ve lived here for going on two years now and I’ve never heard whatever is coming from over there.” Seemingly, the pairing of the renowned dubstep trio donned in body armor and a sound system producing over 150,000 watts is enough to raise the roof in a big way. As someone who witnessed said combination of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka, and the notorious PK Sound System firsthand, I can attest to the sheer power of the performance.

Destroid quickly took to their Facebook page to boast the video of the news report, which you can view below.