David Guetta Releases ‘Unforguettable’ Documentary

David Guetta - Unforguettable
Herds of skeptics will quickly jump to conclusion as soon as they see the title of David Guetta’s documentary that highlights his tour in Brazil. That being said, ‘Unforguettable’ features not only his journey in Brazil, but also his journey in the music industry and how his impact has evolved overtime. Industry snobs may hop on the bandwagon that’s calling the French artist a sellout or a fake, but this documentary may clear the air for others in terms of his humbling growth and the interactions he has had with his fans.

David Guetta is currently 46 years old and initially stepped into the industry in the 1980s when he would DJ at clubs in Paris, which eventually led to him hosting his own club nights. Guetta speaks about how at first he would play at small clubs that were only half-filled, but his dedication led to him performing at big clubs that hit full capacity. Soon after, he began playing at concert venues and then festivals, and that eventually led to him going on tour around the world. The focus of this documentary is about how someone’s rise to fame can be an incredibly long and complex journey, but can eventually pay off if they keep striving for the same goal they set for themselves in the first place. Guetta’s productions might not be the most technical, but one thing he has accomplished is inspiring others and creating positive change. Becoming a DJ or a producer is simply one avenue out of millions that can inspire and change people. Call him what you want, but David Guetta has channeled his decades of dedication to music into a beautiful gift that has brought his fans happiness and hope.