Avicii Responds to Recent Health Concerns and Gives Update on 80-track Album

It’s hard to deny the fact that many of us across our community have been worried about Avicii and his deteriorating health over the past seven months. Health problems and show cancellations have pock-marked numerous headlines, and if that isn’t enough to make one worry, recent pictures of the seemingly overworked DJ have been more than worrisome.†

But the superstar recently set many of these concerns to rest, while opening up about his upcoming album and the massive amounts of work he has done for his charitable organization, House for Hunger. Avicii goes on to say that his management team helped him see his lifestyle from a different perspective to where he realized it was not a sustainable one. Being on tour constantly for the past four to five years, he admits, really takes a toll on one’s body. This is why he is forcing himself to take this time out of the touring limelight in order to work on his upcoming album, weening down a massive library of 80 tracks to where the choicest ones will find a home on the album.

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