In a recent interview with Billboard, German superstar Zedd has announced that his second studio album is currently under works. Although there is no definitive release date just yet, the Grammy-winning producer has stated that he is hoping for the follow up LP to Clarity, to be finished by early 2015. He hinted that if anything, there is a possibility for a single or two to be put out within the next six months.

Zedd also stated that he is trying to work with Hayley Williams once again on a follow up to their hit collaboration “Stay the Night,” along with a few other artists.

“I’d love to work with Muse or Silverchair, because I grew up in bands and they really inspired me. But¬†nothing is confirmed, that’s just my wish list.”

Zedd went into more detail about collaborations, talking about how certain projects come to be. He stated the difference between finding a vocalist for his own track and producing tracks on the requests of artists.

“When it’s about getting a singer for my tracks, it is strictly about the voice. I will have created a song and have a specific idea in my head about what kind of vocal texture I want on it. For artists that ask me to produce for them, the rule is I have to love it.”

Given the conditions, hopefully that Muse and Silverchair collaboration will become a reality by the time his sophomore album is released.

Source: Billboard