Watch E.A.S.Y's Rendition of the Classic Dj Davvincii Track 'When Will the Bass Drop'

It was hard to miss SNL’s parody skit featuring Andy Samberg as DJ “Davvincii” that went viral a few months back. The short skit poked fun at DJ and club culture, with its endlessly repetitious beats and mind-blown crowds, and we all laughed as heads exploded and buttons were pushed.

The duo known as E.A.S.Y, made up of Enferno and Shiftee, recently published their own live remix of ‘When Will The Bass Drop’, and it’s worth a few minutes out of your probably pretty damn boring/terrible Monday. After watching the guy’s hands-on remix of the track using a combination of turntables and Machine drum pads, it is no wonder that the guys guys took home the titles at DMC’s ‘World DJ Championships’. Their live festival trap remix of Sam F.’s tune retains the comedic tastes of the classic ‘Davvincii’ short, while still delivering a tasteful remix. This particular remix, while obviously not meant to turn heads with its ‘musicality’ definitely showcases a high level of skill.