Watch deadmau5 Tease his Upcoming Entropy Tour in New Video

Deadmau5 Releases Teaser Videos for his Upcoming Tour 'Entropy'
On August 11th, Deadmau5 casually announced on Twitter that the name of his 2015 tour would be Entropy. Following this announcement, thousands of fans buzzed the Internet for the meaning behind this tour title. Entropy, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, is, “a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system’s disorder, that is a property of the system’s state, and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature of the system.”

Deadmau5 has now released two videos that showcase this definition in a mysterious fashion. No further details regarding the tour have been provided, except the fact that he previously mentioned the grand presence of a 360 degree stage on his forthcoming arena tour.