Deadmau5′ New 360 Degree Show Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

The mau5 has spoken, and he’s $6 million off from trading in his well used-up cube stage set-up, in exchange for a brand new stage plus an arena tour. Producer Joel Zimmerman has dished out his 5 year plan towards a new tour, one that will feature only him & his brand new stage. Initially projected to cost $11 million, Joel confirms the construction for the stage and arena is almost underway with only $6 million dollars to go. “But it’s going to be a solo show; it’s not going to be at a festival or anything. It will be arena only. And it will be a ’360′ show, which will be pretty fuckin’ cool.”, says Zimmerman. The project will begin after his Australia and Asia tours end and will be ready either towards the end of this year or some time in 2015. Joel seems fired up to get this one done though, as he has already decided to dedicate his time the tour to show development, and has sought out some big key players to contribute to it as well. He mentions, “We’ve made some strategic partnerships with companies that are so turbo, five years ahead of the game. I can’t even talk about it yet; it sucks!” Anticipation is an understatement as the new stage and arena is set to be one of the largest and most complex projects ever tackled by Zimmerman.

via inthemix