Ultra Music Festival Set to Release Some Not-So-Cheap Early Bird Tickets


The iconic Miami music festival has released a set of detailed instructions for how to purchase your 2015 Ultra Music Festival ticket.  You have between now and midnight on September 29th to pre-register for the option to buy tier 1 and tier 2 tickets.  Those that have pre-registered will then have the option to purchase tier 1 tickets for $299 or if your clicking reflexes aren’t great then you can still grab tier 2 tickets for $379.  These ‘early-bird’ tickets are a significant step-up from the 2014 edition when tickets sold for $149 and $279 (though, taxes and fees were not included).  Doubling the price of the early-bird tickets has led to what the festival producers are calling a ‘reduction’ in the ticket price for the regularly scheduled ticket release.  Regular Admission tickets will be on sale for $449 and VIP tickets will be going for a staggering $1,149.

All of this is a far cry from the 2012 festival prices when Deadmau5 famously got upset over the high ticket prices and ‘ridiculously priced VIP tickets’ (they were a mere $595 back then).  Even with all of the hype and popularity surrounding dance music today, it’s surprising that Ultra Music Festival would keep prices this high when they didn’t even sell out last year’s festival.  On a positive note, it’s clear that Ultra Miami 2015 is going to be better than ever, with a massive lineup surely in the works and some of the best sound and stage production in the world.  Ultra Music Festival is set to release their 2014 after movie on September 29th, the day that early-bird registration closes.

[H/T: Ultra Music]