Outkast - Ms. Jackson (The Golden Pony Remix)

Outkast – Ms. Jackson (The Golden Pony Remix)

The great thing about services like Soundcloud is that there is a constant sonic waterfall of new content being uploaded on a day to day basis. Just a few days old at this point, The Golden Pony released their reworked version of the popular hit, Ms. Jackson by Outkast to their SoundCloud followers. The Brooklyn based electronic duo reworked the original Outkast hip-hop tune into a chill electronic wave of beats and melody, with Andre 3000’s vocals bouncing throughout the tracks. His vocals work more as bits of vocal samples that add to house vibe. The percussion elements throughout “Ms. Jackson” create a sense of constant movement in the track, creating a rolling effect that keeps the remix chugging along. Having referenced artists such as Claude Von Stroke, Hot Since ’82, Tale of Us, and Green Velvet as influences, it’s easy to see how The Golden Pony creates its own unique sound. Be sure to check out their “Ms. Jackson” rework below.