Jeremy Olander Drops Preview of New Jackie EP

Jeremy Olander Drops Preview for New Jackie EP

Jeremy Olander – Jackie EP

Swedish producer and Pryda protege Jeremy Olander is finally out from the dark and back with a new set of originals in his new Jackie EP. Filled with tracks that will satisfy every type of Olander fan, the EP offers his newest original work since “Bandersnatch,” which came out eight months ago. What makes the Jackie EP even more special is that it is the first release on Pryda Recordings by someone who is not Eric Prydz. The EP includes three tracks titled Jackie, Lauderdale, and DLIGTY. Each track is unique and showcases a different part of Olander’s skillset. “Jackie,” somewhat of a staple in his sets now, shows the melodic and uplifting sound that the Swede has shown previously in tracks like “Let Me Feel.” “Lauderdale,” a long time requested ID, shows the darker-techier side of the young producer, slowly creeping through your body as you listen. The EP is closed with “DLIGTY” a mix of progressive melodies with electro riffs to create the hair-raising rise-and-falls only a few like Olander can do. Get ready ladies and gents, this one is progressive gold so make sure to get your hands on the Jackie EP when it comes out on September 29. Check out the preview below.