Disney Files Lawsuit Against Deadmau5 Over Mouse Trademark

Ever see the Deadmau5 Mau5-head and think to yourself: “Hey isn’t that Donald Duck’s pal Mickey Mouse? The dude who owns that dog Pluto, and who’s the mascot of a multi-billion dollar organization?”

No? Yeah we don’t either. Well apparently the Walt Disney Company does, and has decided to take action against Deadmau5 and his movements to trademark the Mau5-head in the United States, which he filed for last year. Back in April, Disney began its investigation into the matter, and for their lawsuit to hold true an unsuspecting consumer/observer must confuse Deadmau5’s head with Mickey’s. Deadmau5 has had his imprint on a wide variety of merchandise for some time now as well; his Mau5-head has been on wearable attire, buttons, phone cases, and even mini-figurines. In theory that could damage Disney’s business in the US and worldwide (by some measured but arguably arbitrary amount.)

Joel’s attorney, Dina LaPolt, told TMZ the logo is already trademarked in 30 major countries, including the U.K., Italy, Germany and Japan. So really, if there was any notable damage it should have already been identified and addressed; with that in mind, as well as the recent half-decent box office performances of recent Disney films, is Disney just fishing for some extra cash and trying to reassert relevancy? Who knows, maybe they’re upset because the Mau5-head is possibly more recognizable than Mickey, for the youth of today. Regardless, Deadmau5 sounds more than prepared for the forthcoming lawsuit. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

[H/T: TMZ]