Avicii Collaborates with Wang Leehom For a Surprise Chinese Production ‘Lose Myself’

avicii leehom wang lose myself
Leave it to Avicii to be the one to bring the influence of eastern music to the mainstream western world. Avicii has teamed up with American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang for a brand new tune, “Lose Myself,” which partners Avicii’s piano playing and electronic prowess with Wang’s Chinese influenced music stylings. The lyrics are completely in Mandarin, displaying Avicii’s confidence in stepping beyond the boundaries of dance music and going beyond and above. As for the song itself, it is a down-tempo ballad that is devoid of an EDM build and drop that Avicii has utilized in the past. Instead, the prototypical drop that is featured in the song is a standard piano progression which offers little to the imagination. The true focus of this song is the piano play of Avicii and the singing and lyrics of Leehom Wang. While it may not be as popular of a sing-along as “Wake Me Up” (well, maybe if you speak Mandarin) it goes to show that Avicii is always forward thinking with his music.