Martin Garrix Collaborates With Ed Sheeran on His ‘First EDM Song’

The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran has posted a photo in the studio with the world’s favorite rising 18 year old Dutch producer, Martin Garrix.  It seems like the singer is looking to make his mark in the EDM scene as he also recently announced a collaboration with French artist, David Guetta, and America’s very own, Skrillex.

Ed Sheeran’s caption of the Instagram photo states, “Finished up my very first EDM song with Martin Garrix, brilliant experience, looking forward to you all hearing it.”  Garrix plans to release two versions; one more melodic version for the masses and one mainly for his festival sets.  The combination of Sheeran’s brilliant vocals and Garrix’s incredible studio talent should be a perfect combination for a massive hit. When you consider how a soulful voice like Sam Smith’s got thrown into the limelight with UK dance act, Disclosure, the possibilities for success for this collab are vast.  Garrix explained that, “Ed delivered an amazing vocal and there are plans to work on a lot more tracks as well.”  This star duo could help take each other to the next level; anticipation will only build as we wait for the release of this track, along with his other collaborations.