Zedd Diagnosed With Sudden Hearing Loss in Left Ear

German super-producer and DJ, Zedd, has had an incomparable summer. Between nonstop killer festival sets and track releases, Anton Zaslavski has quickly proven himself as one of the industry’s elite. However, it seems as though the demanding and hectic schedule may have taken a serious toll on Zedd’s health. The wunderkind tweeted some troubling news about his hearing this morning.

In an average club or festival, our ears are subjected to upwards of 125 decibels for 3-10 hours and, sometimes, 30+ hours over a weekend causing our ears to be mildly damaged if not taken care of appropriately. This news must be incredibly upsetting for such a skilled producer and musician and we can only pray that this is a temporary setback. Let this be a reminder that loud music CAN be damaging to your hearing and that ear plugs should always be worn to festivals. Use this test to see how bad YOUR hearing is.