SBE to Breathe New “Life” Into the Las Vegas Club Scene With New Venue

SBE to Breathe New

Nightlife power players SBE are responsible for some of the hottest venues in the United States. The operating group responsible for Create Nightclub and HYDE, are now looking to breathe new Life into the Las Vegas market. Life, scheduled to open August 23, takes the place of the old Sahara’s theater. Eschewing some of the opulence and over-the-top aesthetics of most Vegas venues, Life looks a bit grittier, a bit more industrial. That’s not to say Life won’t knock your socks off with decor and tech. Between the giant “LIFE” marquee at the center of the club and state-of-the-art projection mapping, Life can definitely play in the Las Vegas big leagues. Three bars and 70 VIPS tables are scattered throughout the venue, not to be upstaged by the rooftop pool (a Vegas mainstay).

But as the most fervent club-goers know, pretty lights and fancy tables hardly make a worthwhile club. SBE is fully aware of this, and are breaking out the A-List talent. Erick Morillo will be christening the newest club on the strip on August 23, with Laidback Luke following suit on August 29th and Dirty South taking the decks on August 30th. Future acts include Pete Tong and Fatboy Slim. For those craving a more underground vibe, Life plans on holding a weekly Industry Night. Mio Danilovic, SBE’s vice president of nightlife claims that Life’s goal is “to educate the Vegas scene that this is the new sound and this is the future.” By the looks of things it seems SBE and Life are poised to do just that starting August 23rd.