Cyril Hahn – Open ft. Ryan Ashley

Cyril Hahn - Open ft. Ryan Ashley
Switzerland born Electronic music producer, Cyril Hahn delivers some of the smoothest and sensual tunes on the market. Instead of emphasizing solely on drumbeats and bass, Cyril creates a rhythmic and sultry vibe by resonating melodic elements and adding stimulating reverbs for more dimensions. His newest production, Open ft.Ryan Ashley is an upbeat and uplifting track from his upcoming Voices EP. The arpeggiating lead rhythm along with the groovy, chopped up vocal loops sets the backbone of the tune. As “Open” progresses, Cyril varies the beat patterns and includes more chord textures to spice things up. The highly anticipated Voices EP will Cyril’s second EP to date. He has also revealed to us another finely crafted track on the EP, Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan a month ago. Stay tuned for the release coming soon on PMR Records and check out “Open” below.