Porter Robinson Shares His View of the World With ‘Flicker’ Music Video

Porter Robinson‘s debut album Worlds is finally out and boy has it delivered. If you’ve already listened to the album, you’d know that it draws heavy influence from the world of anime, video game landscapes, and Japanese culture. This being the case, it was only a matter of time before Porter would visually share just how much his album and these inspirations are intertwined. In the latest music video for his fourth single “Flicker” he does just that. The video shoots from a window of a moving train that is traveling through what is assumed to be Japan. The breathtaking scenery of the natural landscapes however, is fused with that of a digital 8-bit world. Although the video may seem somewhat simple, the way that each digitally infused element synchronizes with the components of the song will keep you mesmerized for the duration of the train ride.