Porter Robinson - Flicker

With the fourth release off his much anticipated first studio album, Worlds, Porter does what he has been known time and time again to do; impress through unexpected methods. Flicker was first debuted on Porter’s unforgettable second BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and is going to be the last single he releases before the official release of Worlds on August 12th. One can say “Flicker” may be Robinson’s most dynamic record to date, incorporating an immensely impressive list of electronic and musical elements. The track begins with a infectiously and groovy guitar riff that is supported by an addictive and consistent loop of a  Japanese phrase that’ll surely get stuck in your head. After some big RPG-intro inspired synths, the listener gets to hear a surprising part of “Flicker” we didn’t get to hear in his essential mix. The second half of the track stomps in with a much heavier electro section and a rythmic lead -footed bass line before returning to the main motif of the song. One thing EDM heads love is bragging about their favorite producer’s best niche revealing, talent measuring records; and it’s safe to say “Flicker” is a track all Porter Robinson’s super fans will love to boast about!