Porter Robinson - Divinity (Ft. Amy Millan)

It’s been a little over a week since Porter Robinson released his debut album, Worlds, and he’s been dropping singles, artwork, music streams, interviews, and music videos left and right. Keeping that energy going, Porter has decided to upload yet another tune from Worlds, Divinity (Ft. Amy Millan), onto his SoundCloud. “Divinity” is the album’s opener, which features a brilliant synth riff that is amazingly catchy and some memorable vocals from Amy Millan. Millan’s vocals are really the shining element, as her vocals sound like a heavenly choir raining down throughout the entire track.Robinson has been quoted saying that “Divinity” was the “collaboration [he] was most excited for, [as Millan’s band Stars] makes music that connects to [his] emotional, adolescent years.”

“Divinity (Ft. Amy Millan)” works perfectly as the first track on the debut, a lovely tune that serves as a great thesis statement for Worlds: music that takes influences in video games, Japanese culture, MIDI sounds, ambiance, and wondrous melodies that create feelings of nostalgia. Porter Robinson is taking Worlds on the road, with a pretty extensive tour through North America, Australia, and Europe, so be sure to check out if the Chapel Hill-native is coming to a town near you.