Martin Garrix Has Had ENOUGH of ‘Animals’


The 18 Year old international sensation, Martin Garrix, stated in a recent interview with Billboard that he doesn’t even enjoy playing ‘Animals’ anymore.  Garrix quickly rose to superstardom because of the 2013 megahit.  The peppy, humble teen has been welcomed with open arms into the scene with artists such as Tiesto, Nicky Romero, and Hardwell giving him advice on how to manage his newfound fame.  Though much of that can be credited to ‘Animals,’ Garrix stated that he’s “bored of playing it.”  This is totally understandable considering he essentially has to play it at every one of his shows and is asked about it in a majority of his interviews.  He related that he is, “super thankful for how much that track has done for [him], but [he’s] just super excited about the other stuff coming out.”  Garrix has nothing but good things lined up in the near future and should be able to shake off the ‘Animals’ tag with his forthcoming collaborations, notably with Dillion Francis and Afrojack.

We’re real excited to see what the youngster has up his sleeves for the remainder of 2014.