Oliver Heldens – Koala (Official Music Video)

Oliver Heldens sure has a propensity for strange music videos. Like REALLY strange. After the official music video for his collaboration with Becky Hill, ‘Gecko‘ shocked fans on every level, Heldens returns with another mind-scrambling visual accompaniment for his latest hit ‘Koala.’ Dropping the viewer into a traditional Japanese ambiance, the immediate question becomes: How can a Koala possibly be worked into this video? Well soon enough, a samurai father begins to hack at a koala-shaped bonsai plant, and wait for it… the koala plant comes to life! Words do not do this hack n slash and martial arts filled video any justice, so check it out for yourself! Nevertheless, ‘Koala’ has done extraordinarily well around the world, picking up major support from major artists to deep house specialists alike. As Oliver Heldens catches a breather after 2.5 weeks of touring the world, we can only hope he is brewing up his next big hit, and a crazy music video to go along with it!