Listen to ‘Troll’ Mashup of Five Martin Garrix Tracks

SoundCloud gold came on our radar today. MȉŞŦяƐŜś Ʒǐ¥ŤĪŧŠ created a mashup of five of Martin Garrix‘s biggest hits: ‘Animals’, ‘Wizard’, ‘Helicopter’ ‘Tremor’ and ‘Proxy’. Without pointing to the obvious that Garrix has a preference for one-worded track titles, the mixer states in the description that every song is in 128 bpm. There isn’t much we can learn about the SC account holder but trolling seems to be a strong suit. Despite the track trying to come off as a diss, we are reminded that each Martin Garrix song does indeed still pump us up, and hearing them blended together isn’t the worse thing in the world, in fact, it sounds pretty awesome. Check it out for yourself and see what you think. Making fun of big room is slowly but surely starting to die off, thankfully. We all get it, and Martin Garrix certainly gets it, which is evident in a recent interview he had with Billboard, which we covered here.