Jamie Schwabl & Alana Star Feat. Merilette – Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)

Jamie Schwabl & Alana Star Feat. Merilette - Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)

Tickets – InDeep Presents: Bender, Alana Star & Jamie Schwabl

Wulfpack artists Jamie Schwabl and Alana Star have given us a preview of their slow churning, minimal house track entitled Ebb & Flow. To be featured on the forthcoming Wülfpack Compilation – Vol. 2, “Ebb & Flow” hypnotically moves through eight minutes of teched out jabs and stabs over a deep sub-bass and and entrancing percussive work. Merilette’s vocals quite literally ebb and flow through the track, popping in and out amongst the sultry rhythms. It’s a deep burner of a track, and could easily fit into the first section of a house set. “Ebb & Flow” officially releases September 03, 2014, with the rest of the Wülfpack Compilation – Vol. 2.

Shortly after, you’ll be able to catch Jamie and Alana heating up the dance floor of King King, as our affiliates, InDeep, are bringing the pair to open up for InDeep Presents: Bender on September 05, 2014. House heads couldn’t ask for a more delightful lineup, with Jamie and Alana steering the feel undoubtedly towards the deeper, techier end of the house spectrum, while Bender will rotate the club on back to his more groove-centric future house stylings. You can buy tickets here, and check out the events page here for more information. We hope to see you out on that dance floor on September 05.